Thermal Image Body Temperature Camera - THECA30

Thermal Image Body Temperature Camera - THECA30

Screen and check up to thirty individual temperature quickly and efficiently. The AI thermal imaging screening system can accurately detect body temperature; capture pictures of faces and create records for tracking and tracing purposes. Use it to monitor body temperature at entrances or exits of businesses, schools and places of worship.


The Theca30 is a Thermal and Optical Bi-Spectrum Network Camera with a built-in AI algorithm for multi-person temperature measurement. It can accurately detect temperatures from up to 10 feet away.

High Temperature Screening Accuracy ± 0.3℃
Increase Temperature screening efficiency
Supports Picture in Picture viewing
Ability to detect 20 to 30 people's temperature simultaneously
Temperature Range from 86F to 113F
Screening with Temperature Display, Abnormal Temperature Warning and Recording
Lower Cost and Infection Risk
Supports ONVIF (profiles S and G and T)
Screening and detection automatically reduces operating cost and manpower required and decreases cross infection
Thermal Contrast NETD Less than 60 mK
Interface: Power 12 V|Network RJ45|Relay |Audio
Saves to Local drive all snap shots
To view and monitor use the Web interface (internet Explorer only) or download software
Tripod included
Use at entrances or exits, from small retail stores to highly populated crowds.


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